About Us

Julie Lesbirel LL.B Registered Migration agent 1278328

I was born and raised in the south of England, U.K. I studied my Bachelor of Law at Thames Valley University in London, U.K. before beginning my career in the Finance and Banking Industry.

I studied my Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice at the Australian National University.

My Migration Story

I arrived in Sydney in January 2006 on a one year working holiday visa. My fiancé at the time came with me on a 3 month tourist visa. We had just one suitcase each and have been here ever since!

I started working for an Investment bank in Sydney CBD and after three months I was sponsored by my employer on a temporary 457 business visa. My fiancé was a secondary applicant on my visa which then allowed him to also find work. After working for his employer for over a year, my now husband, was sponsored by his employer for a permanent 856 visa in 2008. I was a secondary applicant on this 856 visa and also became a permanent resident. Our son was born here in Australia in February 2009 and as we were permanent residents he became the first person in our family to become an Australian citizen. My husband and I had to wait until we had been living in Australia for four years before we could apply for our citizenship! We welcomed our second Australian son into the family in September 2012.

We all have dual citizenship in Australia and the U.K.