Australian citizenship is the ambition of many people coming to Australia.

You may be eligible for citizenship if you are:

  • Migrant with permanent residence
  • Spouse/partner of an Australian citizen
  • New Zealand citizen living in Australia
  • Child of a former Australian citizen
  • Refugee or humanitarian entrant

Dual Citizenship

Australia allows citizens to hold dual nationality.

However, other countries may not, for example,  once over the age of 21 Japan does not allow dual citizenship.

The U.K. also allows dual citizenship so UK citizens can hold both an Australian and U.K. passport and be citizens of both countries without having to renounce one.

Citizenship Test

Anyone who wishes to become a citizen must pass a multiple choice citizenship test to ensure all citizenships have an understanding of Australia, how the country works and an adequate knowledge of the English language.

All the questions are covered by the free test resource guide,  Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond

Once an application for citizenship has been approved, the person will be invited to attend a citizenship ceremony. This ceremony is where you pledge your allegiance to Australia and receive your citizenship certificate.

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