Family Visas

Family visas are for family members or partners of Australian citizens or permanent residents which allow them to visit or stay in Australia. The most common are:

  • Sponsored family visitor short stay visa
  • Spouse or De-facto Partner visas
  • Parent visas
  • Child visas
  • Remaining relative visa

Some of these visas are temporary, provisional or permanent.

Capped Visas

The number of family visas granted each year may be capped to a certain number by the Federal Government. For the 2012/2013 financial year:

Aged Parent (Class BP) (Subclass 804) and Parent (Class AX) (Subclass 103) visas have been capped at 2,210 visas.

Other Family (Class BO) (Migrant) and Other Family (Class BU) (Residence) visas have been capped at 1,320 visas.

Any applications for these visas will be deferred to the following year once these numbers have been reached. Please be aware this could result is long waiting lists.

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