Student Visas

Student visas have five different assessment levels dependent on the type of course and the country of citizenship.

Each assessment level has different eligibility criteria, level 1 having the lowest amount of eligibility criteria and level 5 having the highest.

There is a streamlined processing scheme in place for some applicants who have confirmation of enrolment in an eligible course.

Cost of Living

Students must show they have funds to cover their air fares to and from Australia, course fees and cost of living fees.

Cost of living fees in Australia are currently set at:

Primary Applicant

$18,610 per annum
Partner/Spouse       $6,515 per annum
First child $3,720 per annum
Each further child       $2,790 per annum

Cost of living fees for family members generally apply whether they are accompanying the primary applicant to Australia or not.

School costs for any accompanying school age children (aged 5-18) is currently set at $8,000 per annum


Student visas can be subject to a variety of conditions.

For example, the most common condition of a student visa is a satisfactory attendance record and course progress requirements. If a student does not continue to meet this condition, their visa may be cancelled.

Permission to work – Many students have work conditions applied to their visa. It is usual to have a condition limiting the number of hours worked by the primary applicant and their family members to 40 hours per fortnight.

It is important students are aware of all the conditions applied to their visa. If they, or any family members, breach their conditions then their visas may be cancelled.

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