Tourist Visas/ Working Holiday Visas

One of the most common visas issued is the visitor visa.

Some applicants from certain countries can apply for an Electronic Tourist visa (ETA). Otherwise a visitor short stay or even a family sponsored visitor visa will be required.

Working Holiday Visa

This allows applicants under 31 (aged 18 – 30) to travel to Australia for up to 12 months and undertake some work while in Australia.

Applicants who are on, or have finished, their first working holiday visa may be eligible for a second working holiday visa if they completed three months of specified work in regional Australia during their first Working Holiday Visa.


Many tourist visas have what is nicknamed a “no further stay” visa condition applied to them. This means a person cannot apply for another visa whilst in Australia unless this condition is waived.

For example, A tourist has an accident in Australia and is unfit to travel. If they have a “no further stay” condition on their visitor visa, they (or someone on their behalf) must apply for a waiver of this condition before being able to apply for another visa to allow them to stay in Australia for medical treatment, or another visitor visa to allow for recovery.

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